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Pensioners must liquidate their pension rights in order to collect their pension

Until then, pensioners could liquidate their vested rights in full with a single settlement, with the employment-pension accumulation plan. This means that if, during the course of her/his career, the insured fell under several basic pension plans (general plan, agricultural plan, plan for artisans and merchants), she/he could request all basic pensions through a single request addressed to the last service office to which she/he was associated, with such attending to connection with the other pension offices.

The employment-pension accumulation rules have changed: the Law of 20 January 2014 reforming pensions entered into effect on 1st January 2015, and established the obligation for liquidation of all vested rights in order to receive the pension.

Individuals affected are those who will receive pensions beginning in 2015, regardless of their last membership plan. For individuals who have already retired, or those who would have requested liquidation of their pension at the end of 2014, as the Law is not retroactive, the current methods continue to apply.

This obligation has repercussions in the event of business resumption, but also contains numerous exemptions. Beneficiaries of the CER can always conduct a business but the contributions paid in this context no longer generate pension credits, regardless of whether they have changed status.  However, there are numerous exceptions listed in the circular of the National Office for Pension Plans  (Cnav) dated 6 February 2015.