Creating an account

Advantages of being a subscriber

A subscription price of 99 euros including tax for access to all Infogreffe distribution media (excluding consultations or orders that are invoiced separately); this enables you to:


  • Avoid having to provide all of your details with each new order or consultation. All you need to do is use your confidential subscriber's code, which allows you to control access to the Infogreffe service.
  • It allows several persons to simultaneously consult Infogreffe services using the same codes.
  • It means you do not need to use a credit card or make any advance payments.
  • It entitles you to a monthly invoice, with a detailed statement of services used comprising references to all the dossiers consulted, as well as your own references if desired.
  • It give you access to all the features proposed in our services: multi-criteria business lists, monitoring of collateral and preferential rights inscriptions, main information concerning insolvency proceedings.
  • It means you will be the first to receive information about our evolving services and products.

You may obtain further information concerning General Conditions and pricing.


Advantages of being a subscriber

Becoming a member is free of charge; all you need to do is fill in your details on-line, once only.


  • This will allow you to be identified at each visit through your e-mail address and a password which you will receive immediately upon subscribing. 
  • You will not need to provide your details with each order or consultation.
  • A Member, using his or her codes, only has access to web media.
  • There are several ways for a Member to settle orders: Credit card, Infogreffe prepaid card and Easycode card; via your Internet service provider invoice; via an Internet Plus Pro invoice; by provisioning an Infogreffe account.
  • The Member may also administer his or her orders in the course of the month, as well as via his or her provisioned account.
  • The Member is regularly informed of evolving services.
  • The Member may become a subscriber, at any time.